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Read the (v)room

Your car has feelings too. Strados makes it easy to quickly figure out how your car is doing and feeling through easy to read, human emotions.

Prevent and protect

Strados helps you narrow down what's troubling your car and assigns a severity rating to let you know how urgent the problem is. It could be the difference between a $20 repair and a $2,000 nightmare.

Save money

Negotiate like a boss

Strados gets the latest parts and labor costs for potential solutions to your car's issues. No more overpaying for miscommunications with the mechanic or for unnecessary fixes. Walk in armed with knowledge and leverage to make the right decision for your car.

How It Works

Your Car's Translator

The Translator

Strados uses a little device called the Translator to communicate with your car. All cars made after 1996 in the US have a common Data Link Connector for diagnostics. On most cars, this is located near the underside of the steering wheel. The Translator plugs into this connector and translates the digital signals being passed around by your car's computers and relays it as meaningful info wirelessly to the Strados app.

Strados on your phone

The App

Install the app on your smartphone to see Strados's interpretation of your car's emotional and physical state. Strados uses telemetry from your car, external heuristics, and a healthy dose of machine learning to analyze how your car is doing. Coming soon for iOS and Android!

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Healthy Car. Discounted Translator. Bragging Rights.
What's not to love?